“I am a patient of Dr. Smita Musani and Dr. Kalindi Halkare at their clinic and it has been the best dental experience I’ve ever had. The level of care and service provided is outstanding as is the hygiene and state of art equipment used. The procedure was almost painless and post procedure care was utmost. I have undergone a gum treatment via laser. I’m so thankful to Dr. Smita Musani and Dr. Kalindi. They are spectacular!”
Vasundhara Ruia

“I was introduced to Dr. Smita by my sister. Before I started treatment my teeth were not well aligned and my smile was not beautiful. That was the main reason I sought a doctor I could trust to transform my smile. Post treatment I was ecstatic with the result. I found myself smiling openly and freely as compared to before. I was also complimented by many. Thank you doctor for giving me this wonderful smile and making me look adorable.”
Tanvi Agarwal

“So, I have been visiting Dental Solutions since I was a kid. Every visit of mine has been a fruitful one as the doctors here are great professionals and have solved all my queries with great comfort. I have been treated by all the doctors at Dental Solutions and can completely vouch for the services provided here.” Thank you doctors , you made my smile brighter.
Aditi Goel

“Very soft doctor. Her hand is very gentle, friendly and her work is excellent.”
Mr. Premji

“I have been having treatments for my dental problems for the past 5 years & I am too happy with their procedure and treatments and professional & caring approach of Dr. Smita Musani & her team. Wishing you all the best. Thanks.”
Usha Ganpathy

“Happy with workmanship and good quality material.”
Rita Jain

“Dentists scared me initially, but coming to Dr. Musani’s clinic, Dr. Kalindi made me very comfortable. They use the best techniques and equipment, and are very friendly! Thank you for taking care of my teeth. ☺”
Neha Gurnani

“We are very happy with the staff. Very glad, keep it up. Thank you to Doctors and Staff.”
Bindu Bhatia

“I am absolutely happy with the professional services and care taken by both Dr. Smita and Dr. Kalindi. No complaints at all.”
Inderji Manwani

“Happy and satisfied with the professional services provided by both Dr. Smita and Dr. Kalindi”
Sofia Vazir

“I am writing to convey my thanks for the laser treatment for my gums. It has been very effective and i feel a tremendous difference in the health of my gums.”
Anjali Lothe